1. What is CellClub

CellClub is a club. Once a Club member you can easily make purchases through telephone in almost all over the world.

2. Who and how can become club member

Every adult whose mobile number has been registred in finland phone network can become a membership of the Club. Then you just have to fill up the form in our webpage and pay for the membership registration fee 20€.

3. How will I receive my club card

The club card will be sent to your post address you gave on the registration. The card will be delivered to you within about 10 – 12 working days.

4. How it works

Club member card allows you to make purchases. In order to pay with your membership card you have to enter essential data and correspondent amount will be loaded to your virtual account.

5. What is virtual account

Virtual account is an account for the card owner, where you can keep an eye on your purchased transactions and also your account balance.

6. Are there limitations paying with phone

Yes. As a club member you can have max 150€ in month. The limitation applies according to calendar.

7. Can I increase my allowed limitation

No, you can’t increase your limitation.

8. Will I receive a bill of the amount I have taken in use

No, as a membership you will not receive bills

9. How will I refund the money

An amount taken in use will be automatically added to your next month phone bill

10. When do I need to refund the money

An amount taken in use will be added to the next month phone bill and will be payable together

11. Can I transfer my own funds to my virtual account

Yes you can also transfer your own money by using the form that’s on our/your homepage.

12. How long will it take for the money to be transferred on my virtual account.

The money loaded with phone will be transferred on your account within couple of hours.
After working hours and during the weekend there may be delay and the money may be even transferred for the next day.

13. Do I have limitations on my virtual account

Yes, on your account you can load up to 100 000€ max .

14. When will my card expire

The expiring date of the card Is 2 years

15. Can I use my virtual account and card for online shopping and for paying for the hotel or a plane tickets

Yes. Card suits for these kind of purchases.

16. How safe is my account and card

Account is secured with passwords only known to you. Card is secured with PIN and meets all security requirements as normal VISA7MasterCard card does.

17. Can I transfer my money from the virtual account to another account in different bank

No. You can pay in stores and for online shopping and take out cash from ATM.

18. I lost my card, what shouldl I do

Log on to your account and block your card. After blocking your card it’s useless. You can order a new replacement card in same.