Join the club and you can pay for your purchase with your mobile phone in almost all over the world. As a member of the club, whenever you feel the need, you can load money to your virtual account simply just using your cellphone. Loaded funds You can use for online shopping, ship-,flight tickets or for booking hotels, or you may just prefer withdraw cash from ATM.

CellClub Membership EUR 20 one time fee!

Mo-Fr 10-17


Fill the form and join us

Fill up the form and pay for the registration fee. After the registration, as a CellClub member, You will receive a CellClub card to your home address and You will have an access to Your virtual account. As a member of the club You can pay for Your purchases with cellphone in almost all over the world.

Posted to Your home

The CellClub card with necessary info will be delivered to Your home address you gave on the registration form, within 10 - 12 working days. Once the card received, You will have the access to Your virtual account.

Virtual account

Logging in to Your virtual account You will see all your purchased transactions. This is a great chance always keep an eye on Your outgoings. Best of all - if it happens that You are in a quick need of money, You can load money with Your cellphone to Your virtual account and make the purchases after all.

Make payments around the word

Having money loaded on Your account through Your Cellphone or a bank, your assets will be transferred quickly. You can pay with Your card and even take out cash in almost all over the world where Visa is accepted. The card is supplied with PIN and CVV2 numbers, therefore it’s secure and will befit for booking hotel, flight and ship tickets.